Need an identity? 

Logos & Branding

Branding is more than just a logo - But it is the entrance to the brand.
Children's speech therapy--something silly that reinforces the brand. The tongue doubles as a "T" & "P"
For an Easter series at church--based off the dove in Genesis 8.
Getting at the heart of the faith while maintaining the brand. The cross doubles as a GP
Bandages for the hurts. A heart for the hope. A blend for both.
A hand-drawn feel for the type with a hand-drawn card doubling as the "A."
For the local School District - A reminder that no matter how depressed or lonely you feel, there's always someone there for you.
10 years in the High Sierra summed up with text in the shape of a mountain. Anything more would compete with the photography.
A guitar headstock that doubles as an "M" for Moreno Valley