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"I'm Not a Puker. But I am a pooper." Yes, that's the title. The host of the John Freakin' Muir Pod, Doc invited me to his podcast to speak about my adventures in the Sierra, my philosphy behind exploring and photographing nature. Enjoy the listen! Thanks Doc!

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“Endres’ work in the Sierra is a testament to the mysterious beauty that lies within the range.”

-Chris Burkard

Josh Endres is a guy who thinks art can change the world. He was schooled in music as a classical guitarist but self-taught in just about everything else. His photography primarily involves landscapes—particularly ones that require some adventure skills to get to, and that haven’t been overly photographed. As Josh puts it: The best views are often earned.

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10 Years in the High Sierra

A book about my life's work of award-winning Sierra photos, stories and how the art found in nature breathed meaning into my life.

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